¥8,100 (税込)

¥8,100 (税込)

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Baskets had been used by ancient cultures all over the world. They were used to help people to carry and contain food, their utilization and importance keep intact until now. It is a product that keeps adapting through all ages.

The lightness, resistance and flexibility made of the woven palm the right material for the basket fabrication. The state of Guerrero in the south of México is one of the leading producers of palm, there is where we produce our cestos.

Lagos del Mundo is a brand of primary objects inspired by the primitive artifacts and tools, where we combine both functional and decorative aspects.

Their products put emphasis on simple shapes, and the quality and character of materials. Proposing a balance between the primary elements and the current context is their main focus.

Additional Information

商品コード 30-001-13
サイズ(mm) L500 × H600
送料区分 D
納期 1〜2ヶ月


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