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Chalupa Store in Fondeadora
August 8, 2016 Mariel Lozano

We have started our crowdfunding campaign in Fondeadora!

Designer + Artisan.

Since we started this project, we have been searching for designers that are collaborating directly with artisans. The purpose? Give a new and fresh idea to what “Made in Mexico” means.

Thanks to this collaboration, designers transmit to artisans modern life needs. At the same time, artisans teach young designers the techniques and craftsmanship from their region.

Using this scheme of local manufacture, we ensure that products are made with the best quality and aesthetics.

Chalupa_Store_Golden_Basket_Diario (5)


Preserving our cultural legacy

In Mexico, we have an amazingly rich number of artisanal techniques; all part of our cultural heritage.
By encouraging the production and fair commercialization of Mexican products,  we help preserve this legacy. At the same time, we create greater opportunities and better-working conditions for our artisans.
Chalupa_Store_Golden_Basket_Diario (1)

We care about the origin, the process, and the people behind each item.

Crafted from basalt stone, the San Lucas line is hand-made by the master artisan Ignacio García and designed by Aldo Álvareztostado.


Linamé is handmade using the traditional technique of the sarape from Saltillo. This beautiful piece is the result of the collaboration between the talented designer Daniel Valero and the master artisan Rubén Tamayo.

Mestiz_Linamé (5)


BON tealight votive is crafted from recycled glass and hand-blown in a traditional workshop in Hidalgo. This beautiful object is designed by David Pompa and handmade by the artisan Vicente Villagrán.


What do we do?

We carefully select beautiful items of contemporary design that are blended with traditional Mexican craftsmanship.All of our collections are made with the highest quality materials, are aesthetically beautiful, and are manufactured through sustainable processes.

Our goal is to deliver a unique and socially responsible shopping experience. With every purchase you make, you support emerging designers and local artisans who are preserving Mexico’s craftsmanship and legacy.



Chalupa Store チャルパストア


With your help

We will expand our online platform to have a prominent and greater online presence in international markets.

 We will develop our online store so we can sell our products in Japan, Mexico, and the United States.
As a result, we will be able to collaborate with more artisans and designers.

Get a lovely reward!

Your help is highly appreciated. Because of this, we have selected some items from our first collection as rewards in exchange of your support.

Reward 1: “Thank You” Postcard

You are the best! We will send you a beautiful postcard with the photo of one of our favorite places in Mexico.


Reward 2: Dulce Muerte Sugar Dispenser

Arigato! You will get an awesome Dulce Muerte designed by Ariel Rojo and Citlali Hernández and produced by Rubén and Ricardo Flores in México City. You can choose your favorite color.

Dulce Muerte Chalupa Store

Reward 3: BON Tealight Votive

You rock! In reward for your contribution, you will receive a gorgeous tealight votive designed by David Pompa. Vicente Villagrán from Hidalgo produced this item. It is made of handblown recycled glass.

BON Chalupa Store

Reward 4: San Luces Spice Grinder

You are so awesome! We will send you this lovely spice grinder designed by Aldo Alvareztostado and crafted by Ignacio García in Nayarit.

San Lucas Chalupa Store

Reward 4: Sarape Blue

You are the best of the best! This sarape was designed by Patrimonio Inmaterial. It is handcrafted by the Reyes Family in Tlaxcala.


The rewards will start to be shipped one month after the campaign closes.
Free shipping.*

The creators:

Mariel Lozano
Marisol González
Ariel Rojo
We also would like to thank Mestiz, Diario, TributoMX, Aldo Alvarez Tostado & David Pompa for sharing with us the process of their work.
Any questions?
Send us a message! We will be glad to chat.


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