Museo Jumex | Mexico City

Everyone is Invited.

Museo Jumex | Mexico City
August 16, 2016 Mariel Lozano
Museo Jumex

Museo Jumex

Fundación Jumex, or simply Museo Jumex, has become one of the most prominent art and public spaces in Mexico City. Its galleries bring together art lovers, designers, tourists, and locals for a time of art appreciation – and leisure.

This project is part of the Contemporary Art Jumex Foundation, created to promote the production and study of both existing and rising contemporary artists. They also hope to generate new proposals to support Mexico’s cultural development.

Museo Jumex


The firm David Chipperfield Architects was in charge of the design of Museo Jumex.

The new museum is located on a triangular site in Polanco, a popular area of Mexico City. The design is part of a great urban development plan.

The neighbouring buildings all have a peculiar shape, making Chipperfield’s attempts to integrate the museum to its surroundings impossible. The result is a building with a distinct design and shape, with a mass that responds to its unique plan site. Locally sourced travertine from Xalapa, Veracruz was used on the roof and floors.

The most important element of Museo Jumex is its laid-back atmosphere. Everyone, from those who have never visited a gallery before to art experts, is welcomed.


Photo via David Chipperfield

Museo Jumex

Exterior Corridor

Museo Jumex

Main Gallery

The gallery rooms were designed to serve as space for lectures, debates, and film screenings. A multi-function exterior corridor allows visitors to enjoy the cityscape and urban life of the Mexico City.

The main exhibition space is located on the two upper floors. It is generously lit by the museum’s distinctive saw-tooth roof. The steel structure distributes light evenly to illuminate the artworks and create a dreamy atmosphere.

The lower ground floor includes a multipurpose room, administrative offices and a pleasant open-air cafe space. The ground floor merges with the public plaza, inviting everyone to enter the museum.

Museo Jumex

Public Plaza Flooring

Museo Jumex

Museum’s Café space.

Museo Jumex is not only an important institution for Contemporary Art but for Mexico City’s residents as well. Its distinguished architecture serves as an important landmark in the middle of Polanco; its open plaza acts as a public space where locals and tourists interact are allowed belong to a community. The next time you visit Mexico City, be sure to drop by Museo Jumex, you won’t be disappointed.


Address: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 303, Ampliacion Granada, Miguel Hidalgo, 11529 Mexico City, Mexico

Visiting Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11:oo AM to 8:00 PM. Monday closed.

Entrance fee: $30 MXN general entrance. $15 MXN to students and teachers.

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